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Do you want to be a part of making our community a better and more just place for all people?

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Over 20 faith communities in Lancaster County are involved launching a new organization designed to do justice in the city of Lincoln and in Lancaster County.  The first step is gathering our friends and neighbors in over 100 small group meetings around the question “what worries keep you up at night,” to share stories, and recognize a common cause.  Out of these stories we will build a grassroots network of individuals committed to a healther, more just community.

Right now we’re inviting asking you to take part in the conversation and share your story.  You just may find that you aren’t alone in the things that worry you.  Out of our stories, later this fall we will lift up two priorities that we collectively believe we can make a difference in, in our community.

Below are several small group gatherings we’re hosting over the next five weeks.  If you’d like to take part in one, CLICK HERE and let us know on the contact form which group you’d like to attend so we can let the host know how many to expect.

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