Sudanese Ministry

We are blessed to have a vibrant Sudanese ministry that reaches out to all Sudanese, not only in Lincoln, but as far west as Grand Island, and as far east as Des Moines, Iowa. Under the leadership of Pastor Jock Paleak, this community within First Presbyterian Church gathers for worship, Bible study, prayer, and service.

Under Pastor Jock's leadership, a strong relationship has developed between all the members of First Presbyterian Church, Nuer and English speakers, whether born on this continent or in Africa, and we are all the richer for it.

Worship in the Nuer Sudanese Language

Sudanese worship in the Nuer language is held Sunday afternoons at 12 noon in the sanctuary.  The last Sunday of the month the Sudanese in Nebraska often have a Unity Service at a different location.  Please contact Pastor Jock for more info on Unity Services.

Everyone is welcome!

A Message from Pastor Jock

In Nuer

Five Goals We're Working On

1. Reaching out to more Sudanese in the Lincoln community, inviting all, regardless of tribe or language, to be a part of our vibrant ministry.

2. Growing disciples through our Saturday morning Bible Study class (on hold during the pandemic)

3. Growing our Home to Home Friday Evening Prayer Team (on hold during the pandemic)

4. Providing basic Nuer language instruction to our kids parallel to our Sunday Service. (We are currently looking for a teacher, so if you are interested, let us know!)

5. Working with parents to register all Sudanese youth from Preschool, Elementary, Middle, and High School so that they can be included in First Presbyterian’s Children & Youth Ministry

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