Our Passion

Your Voice - Our Passion

First Presbyterian Church is a living ministry of the Risen Christ in the heart of Lincoln.

Our Core Values

These four core values that we are passionate about and are what drive us to be a place where...

Faith Is Nurtured

We understand that faith is a journey and that’s why we are passionate about helping you discover what that means in your life.

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Curiosity Is Encouraged

We do not expect you to check your brains at the door – we encourage you to explore your doubts and come to your own conclusions. Come grow in conversation with others.

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Diversity Is Welcomed

We love diversity, the more the better. There’s much to learn from each other about ourselves, what God is doing among us, and about where God is calling us to put our faith into action.

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All Are Loved

We are all imperfect human beings, but perfectly loved by God. When we say that All are loved, we mean it. Join us in following the example and spirit of Christ.

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Faith is real only when it is lived - even if imperfectly.
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