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Foundations:The Ridiculous Journey

February 26, 9:00 am – April 16

A search for purpose and meaning in the events and choices of our lives. A costly journey with an unknown destination. A Middle Eastern homeless man from twenty centuries ago and why he still stirs the souls and imagination of so many.

This 7-session series on Jesus’ invitation to follow him includes films by Nadia Bolz-Weber, Greg Boyle, Brené Brown, Emmanuel Katongole, Rachel Held Evans, Richard Rohr, and Rowan Williams, visual liturgies from Kelly Stewart Hall, Thomas Merton, Travis Reed, and Ann Voscamp and reflections by Rich Nelson.

February 26th – The Ridiculous Journey
March 5th – The Revolutionary
March 12th –  The Reconciler
March 19th –  The Lover
March 26th – The Sage
April 2nd – The Presence
April 9th – Easter Sunday
April 16th – Following Jesus

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