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We’re preparing to launch our 2023 First Presbyterian Church online Church Directory and we need your help!

By JANUARY 29th, please attach a digital copy (jpg) of your individual, couple, or family photo to an email and send it to us at:

 Don’t have a recent photo?   

Meet members of the Hospitality Ministry Team right after church  on January 15, 22, or 29 and we’ll take your photo 

Photo Specifications

Highest quality available (Minimum 618 pixels wide X 543 pixels)
Or just send what you have.

The Grand Unveiling: February 5!

We hope to introduce you to our new Online Church Directory at the February 5th Congregational Meeting so please help us with your photo as soon as possible, and just to be sure we've got everything correct, send us your up to date address, email and phone numbers.

Thank you!!

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