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Need Prayer?

We are not meant to go through life alone.
We all need those who will celebrate with us in joyful times, and lift us up when we are struggling. If you have joy or a need that you would like lifted up in prayer, let us know. We’ll post it here for our wider community to pray for you, and we’ll share it with our Prayer Chain, a group of prayer warriors who have a ministry of lifting up prayers to God.

Submitting a Prayer Request or Joy

Once you submit a prayer request below, it will be reviewed by a pastor before being posted on the wall for others to pray for. You may be as specific or as general as you wish.

You may submit your prayer request anonymously, or with your name. Whatever name you enter in the “Name” field will be what will show up publicly on the prayer page.  If you choose not to have your prayer request public, it will just be shared with the pastor and prayer chain.

Have an update on a prayer request you’ve submitted?

Share the update here, too! It is encouraging for all who pray to see updates on how those they pray for are doing.

Want to show others you have lifted them up in prayer?   

Click “I prayed.”

We take seriously the call of Christ to love our neighbors – not just as we love ourselves, but as he loves our neighbors. May our prayers be a reflection of that to God and to all who visit this holy prayer space.

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