Steve Henderson

Session Member - Music & Fine Arts Committee

I am a life-long member of the First Presbyterian Church family. I grew up knowing that my mom helped with Sunday School classes and that my dad sang in the choir for many a year (in retrospect, I’m sure they did many other things in the life of the church as well!). During my early years in church, I recall singing in the youth choirs, participating as a young instrumental soloist, attending youth group, and visiting Calvin Crest Camp during the summer. As I reached adulthood, I started to participate in a number of aspects of church life – over the years I served on the Board of Deacons, as a Foundation Board member, and multiple times as a member of Session.

I have always been drawn to an steadfast quality I’ve witnessed at First Presbyterian – no matter where individuals stand (myself included!) in their faith journey First Pres has always been a welcoming place – accepting people where they are in that journey and as who they are without criticism or judgement.

Without a doubt, music has been an enduring passion of mine at the church. I look forward to helping discern the broader sense of First Presbyterian’s future and certainly how music fills a role in that future.