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Updated May 12, 2021

Important Links for Services This Week

We have started in person worship with CoVid precautions.

Sunday Worship Watch Party – 10:00 am on Facebook

Sunday Worship Service – Available in person and on our website

Sunday Sermon – Available on our website

Sunday Communion – Available in Hybrid in the Great Hall at 8 am


Give to Lincoln Day for Arts for the Soul

The annual Give to Lincoln Day (G2LD) is coming up again this month, on May 25. This is an annual event in which people can give to a number of local non-profits, and each participating non-profit receives a proportional share of a matching fund provided by the Lincoln Community Foundation and their sponsors, making your gifts go even farther. Our Arts for the Soul Music & Fine Arts series is again participating.

There are several ways to give:

  1. Make an online pledge with a credit/debit card between May 1 and May 25 on the G2LD website.

Click here to go directly to the Arts for the Soul page on the G2LD website

  1. Mail a check directly to the Lincoln Community Foundation. Gifts must be postmarked by May 18 and mailed to the address below:

Lincoln Community Foundation

215 Centennial Mall S Ste 100

Lincoln, NE  68508

 (Checks need to be made out to the “Lincoln Community Foundation”, with “Arts for the Soul” written on the memo line, or on a list enclosed with the check if you are supporting multiple non-profits)

  1. You can give through a Donor Advised Fund (DAF).
  2. Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Contact LCF for info.

*Please note that gifts given through Give to Lincoln Day will go through the Lincoln Community Foundation and Firespring. Your receipt will come from Firespring, and will list the entire amount given, so we will not be able to provide donors with complimentary tickets in exchange for their donations, as the value of tickets received is not tax-deductible, and cannot be subtracted from these receipts. (If you would rather receive complimentary donor tickets for your level of giving, feel free to skip G2LD and give directly to Arts for the Soul and make checks out to First Presbyterian). In either case—we thank you!

Brian Pfoltner,

Presbyterian Women Mission Projects

The Presbyterian Women are working on two projects for May.  The first is a collection for a local women’s shelter where they are taking offerings of gently used women’s clothing.  The second is for feminine hygiene products for Clinic With a Heart.

All items can be brought in to the church office and dropped off during the week or dropped off  on Sunday during the Month of May.  The collections will end June 1.

Graduation & Confirmation Recognition

We are recognizing our high school, college, and graduate school graduates in worship on May 23rd.  We don’t want to miss anyone’s special occasion so if you or you know of a church member who is graduating this spring, please let us know by contacting Kris Brammer at the church (

This past spring we welcomed several young people into membership of our church but were unable to do so live.  Now that we have in-person worship we would like to formally welcome them with the community of faith in worship.  This recognition will be May 23rd, Pentecost Sunday.  Please let Kris Brammer ( know if you can be in attendance for this recognition.

Waking up White - What CAN We do With It?
The Mission Outreach and Social Justice Committee invites you to consider…
Waking Up White – What Can We Do With It?

This week in Waking up White…. 

No one wants to think they are racist – but what do we do when we are white, and we are being bombarded with messages that we are racist?  What we’re learning is that racism isn’t just an attitude or a choice, it is something that affects the very air we breathe.  Watch this space each week as we look at the questions posed at the end of each chapter in the book, Waking Up White by Debby Irving. What do the racist messages say to us, how do we respond, and what will we do with what we learn? A part of loving our neighbors means learning how things we take for granted are experienced by others who don’t share our skin color.

This week – Debby shares in Chapter 21, Debby describes how uncomfortable she became straddling the world of her childhood and youth in the suburban country club, and the world of her current friends and colleagues in the arts who came from a range of backgrounds. She lived with a foot in each world, needing both, never mixing the two, and often playing down the world she’d come from, the whole while feeling like a hypocrite. She never dared to speak to either group about her feelings. She was too conflicted to know what to say.


Think of different groups of people in your life—your family, your friends, your coworkers, and so on. For each of these groups or contexts, think about whether you feel like an insider or an outsider and how that status effects your desire to spend time with the group.

Nancy Field

Christian Education Opportunities
We are excited to announce that in-person Sunday School has returned!  We will be following all COVID safety protocols as explained on our website – including mask wearing and distancing.
Adult Education Opportunities (under “TYPE” search for Adult Education)
Prayer Chain and Requests

If you are needing prayer, please let us know!

Text the word PRAY to 402-235-9510 or e-mail

Do you feel called to pray for others? Please contact the church office at 402-477-6037 or e-mail Carrie at to be placed on the prayer chain.

Giving Options

Thank you for your continued support of the ministry and work of First Presbyterian Church. 

If you would like to be a part of our work through your financial gifts, you can give by mail, text or e-gift.
CLICK HERE for ways to give.

Would you like to volunteer?  Contact our office and we’ll talk about ways you can use your passion for Christ’s ministry through this church.

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