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Updated February 24, 2021

Important Links for Services This Week

Due to COVID-19, we are worshiping on- line due to an abundance of caution.

Annual Meeting – 2/28 at 9:30 am on Zoom

Sunday Worship Watch Party – 10:30 am on Facebook

Sunday Worship Service – Available on our website

Sunday Sermon – Available on our website

Sunday Communion – Available on our website

Wednesday Evening Prayer – 7:15 pm on Facebook


Annual Meeting of the Congregation and Foundation
*February 28, 9:30 am on Zoom*

Our annual meeting will be Sunday, Feb. 28, at 9:30 am over Zoom. Because we’re meeting over zoom, we’ll just do the essential business, and save the more in depth updates and celebrations for when we can meet together in person.

So we’ll be electing Foundation board members, electing a congregational nominating committee, and approving session recommended changes to the pastor’s compensation. (The session approves compensation changes for all other staff, but the congregation is responsible for doing that for the pastor.), as well as voting on a Foundation by-law change for the size of the Foundation board.

You should receive a letter in the mail with an attachment with it.  The recipe is not complete  🙁  Please CLICK HERE to see the complete Recipe.
Then we’ll close our meeting with our 10 am Zoom communion service. More info:

Memorial Service for Dorothy Schnieber
A Service of the Witness to the Resurrection for Dorothy Schnieber

With sadness we note Dorothy’s passing on February 20, and lift up her family in prayer. Dorothy was a special part of our church family, and will be missed.

A public visitation will be held at Lincoln Memorial Funeral Home February 24, 5-7 pm. Masks and social distancing are required. A private funeral service will be held Thursday at 10 am, and will be live streamed for the public on the Lincoln Memorial website. Click the link for her obituary and more details.

Waking up White - What CAN We do With It?
The Mission Outreach and Social Justice Committee invites you to consider…
Waking Up White – What Can We Do With It?

This week in Waking up White…. 

No one wants to think they are racist – but what do we do when we are white, and we are being bombarded with messages that we are racist?  What we’re learning is that racism isn’t just an attitude or a choice, it is something that affects the very air we breathe.  Watch this space each week as we look at the questions posed at the end of each chapter in the book, Waking Up White by Debby Irving. What do the racist messages say to us, how do we respond, and what will we do with what we learn? A part of loving our neighbors means learning how things we take for granted are experienced by others who don’t share our skin color.

This week – Debby shares in Chapter 9 that as she learned about the history of racial categories, she repeatedly came across the description of race as a “social construct” and a “human invention”. Today’s social sciences are exploring how culture—separate from biology—contributes to human variation. In fact, not only is there no clear skin color correlation to athleticism, intelligence, or any other ability-related attribute, there is more genetic variation within racial groups than across racial lines. Her fifteen-year-old daughter even shared with her that studying the biology of skin color—melatonin and the ways skin colors adapted to climate as people migrated–was the first thing she did in her high school biology class.

What did you learn growing up about the history of naming of the races?

Nancy Field

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Christian Education Opportunities
Due to COVID-19 and an abundance of caution, all of our Christian Education options are available online.  We have options for adults, youth and children.  Please follow the links below for more information.
Adult Education Opportunities (under “TYPE” search for Adult Education)
Prayer Chain and Requests

If you are needing prayer, please let us know!

Text the word PRAY to 402-235-9510 or e-mail

Do you feel called to pray for others? Please contact the church office at 402-477-6037 or e-mail Carrie at to be placed on the prayer chain.

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