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We believe it is important to think the faith, feel the faith, and live the faith. Therefore, we strive to design a traditional worship service that will engage your head, heart, and hand, regardless of your age.

Watch a sermon or worship service, sit down with your kids and watch a message for children, you'll find all that and more here!

You'll also find recordings of educational Forums and Classes we have done.

Looking for Worship & Prayer Services? (English)

Our souls are fed by the richness of the preached word, music that touches the soul, and rich times of prayer.

Come worship with us at 10 am in the sanctuary for English Services. We will follow basic safety protocols, and you can read them by clicking the link above.

Click the link below to find:

  • Previous Worship Services
  • Facebook Worship

    Worship Services
  • Looking for Sermons?

    Sometimes we are looking for inspiration, guidance, and comfort. We can find all of that in scripture.

    Here you will find access to:

  • Previous Sermons
  • Sermon Podcasts
  • Sermon by Phone

  • Looking for Messages for Children?

    Jesus loved children, and so do we. They are joy in the present and hope for the future.

    Here you will find messages for the youngest of God's children.

    Messages for Children
    Looking for Sudanese Worship Services? (Nuer)

    Worship with us on Sunday afternoons at 12 noon in the sanctuary, led by Pastor Jock. Please see the "In Person Safety Protocols" link above.

    Sudanese Worship Info
    Looking for Forums and Education Classes?

    On occasion we have recorded special forums and education classes. You'll find all those here.

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