Our Leadership Team

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Rev. Dr. Sue Coller

Lead Pastor - she/her/hers

Dr. Kris ‘Bubba’ Brammer

Director of Christian Education

Rev. Jock Tut Paleak

Pastor for Sudanese Services

Dr. Brian Pfoltner

Music Director

Dr. Charles Ore


Carrie Cross

Church Administrator

Sam Malan

Videographer & Editor


Use whatever pronoun you want - if there's food, I'll answer!

Session Members

Our church is governed by an elected board called the Session. Each Session member serves on one or more committees or ministry teams, and helps lead us faithfulness in following Christ.

Walt Schacht

Session Member - Property and Personnel Committees

Cindy Lloyd

Session Member - Christian Education Committee

Terri Sherman

Session Member - Clerk of Session and Worship & Sacraments Committee

Steve Henderson

Session Member - Music & Fine Arts Committee

Dr. Vena Alesio

Session Member- Personnel Committee and Online Ministry Team

Jessica Gropp

Session Member - Online Ministry Team

Rick Cypert

Session Member - Online Ministry Team

Shereen Mills

Session Member - Mission Outreach & Social Justice and Nominating Committee

Cheryl Rennick

Finance Administrator and Session Member - Stewardship & Finance Committee and Foundation Board

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