Revisiting Confirmation…for Adults

January 9, 9:00 am - February 20  |  Room 211 (Hebrews 211)

840 South 17th Street, Lincoln, NE, USA

Do you remember everything from your Confirmation Class as a teenager?  Maybe you never participated in a Confirmation Class as a youth or you grew up in a different tradition other than Presbyterian.  Confirmation is a process that our young people participate in when deciding whether or not they are ready to publicly profess their faith and officially join the church.  This educational opportunity is about revisiting those themes of what it means to be a Presbyterian-flavored Christian, what our core beliefs are and what makes us unique and not so unique among other Christian denominations.  Join us in Hebrews 211 for 6 weeks as we revisit confirmation for adults.

  • Jan. 9th – The Presbyterian Seal and What it Tells us about What We Believe
  • Jan 16th – To Dunk or Not to Dunk and Baptizing Babies
  • Jan. 23rd – Decently and in Order – The Presbyterian Way
  • Jan. 30th – The Marks of Membership and all that Stuff
  • Feb. 6th – The Great Ends of the Church – Our Purpose and Mission as a Church
  • Feb. 13th – Mission Possible – Our Personal Call in the World
  • Feb. 20th – Presbyterian Trivia: Fun with the Catechisms (if that’s even possible)
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