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Sunday, July 14, in Fellowship Hall after worship, Session will share with you the vision of a remodeled Welcome Center and the possibility of seeking an Associate Pastor.  


Welcome Center Renovation Proposal

See renderings and hear details of what we’re considering for the Welcome Center renovations encompassing the hallway outside the sanctuary and the old parlor. Also included is a proposal to make the library and courtyard accessible, and to improve the safety of our members and guests by improving exit ways in case of a fire or other disaster.


Click here to view previous updates about the Welcome Center.


Is It Time to Call an Associate Pastor?

The Staffing Task Force that looked at our needs for the future also recommended adding an Associate Pastor to our existing staff (not to replace anyone).

This is a big decision for a church. It involves being clear on why we feel this would further the ministry of the church. It involves clarity on what this pastor would do and how that meshes with the responsibilities of other staff. It involves a significant long-term financial commitment to fund this position. The Session believes that the need is real and that we have the resources to add an Associate Pastor to our staff team.

Ultimately, it is up to the congregation whether we seek an Associate Pastor or not, so let’s talk about what that might mean for our church when we gather on July 14. This is NOT a time to make any decisions. It is an initial conversation to hear about what this might mean for us, to ask questions, and to share thoughts with the Session.


Click here to read our June/July 2024 Newsletter for more details on what an Associate Pastor may be called to do (pg 6-7).


The Session looks forward to having these conversations with you at the Forum on Sunday, July 14, following worship, in Fellowship Hall.


If you would like to join online, go to, login, and click the Welcome Center Forum link. We will start no earlier than 11 am or when worship ends, whichever is later. You will need an account to join and participate in the Forum online. If you have not yet set up an account for AltarLive and joined the FPC Community, visit for instructions and troubleshooting.

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Date And Time

07/14/2024 @ 11:00 AM

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