Hey everyone!  I hope and pray that you are taking care of yourselves, getting outside when you ca for some fresh air, and generally just getting along.  I tell you, I sure do miss seeing you all at church.  I know you all are starting to get into the new routine of school online, but I hope you don’t forget about your faith formation – it can be of particular help and comfort during this time.

As you know, this upcoming week is Holy Week which begins with Palm Sunday and ends with Easter Sunday.  This is one of the biggest weeks in the church calendar and to help you engage with these stories and traditions, I have attached digital copies of the “Take Out Church: Holy Week” activities and lessons.  In the PDF packet you will find four family discussions (but geared towards the kids), a sheet with links to the online Holy Moly videos (scroll all the way to the end of the packet), and crafts for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Easter Sunday.

Finally, here are some other resources below to help you engage in faith formation at home.  If there is anything we here at the church can do for you, please let us know.  Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!

FPC Children’s Ministry – At HomeInvitation Illustraed Ministry
Illustrated Ministry
a wonderful (and Presbyterian based curriculum) is offering free weekly faith formation lesson for all ages over the next few weeks.  You can sign up to receive these resources by email each week and you will not be placed on their on-going email list.  These resources often involves coloring pages with some truly unique and wonderful graphics.

“Word of the Day Photo Challenge” – Beginning Sunday, March 22nd, each day at the FPC Facebook page, a “churchy” word will be posted with a church oriented definition of the word.  You are then invited to post a picture of something/someone that reminds of that word.  (Ex.  for the word “Sabbath” you might take a picture of your pet sleeping) and post it in the comments of that post.

Weekly Children’s Worship Bulletins that have been in our children’s worship engagement bags will still be available and posted with the link to that weeks’ online worship service.

FPC Lenten Calendar – don’t forget about the FPC Lenten Calendar which full of activities, spiritual disciples, and ideas for things to do to help you connect with God during the Lenten/Stay Home season.  If you need a copy of the resources to make your own calendar, contact Kris Brammer at dce@fpclincoln.org.