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a worship series exploring what is at the heart of our faith – LOVE

Easter is not just a day – it is a season, and for our Easter season, April 29-May 31, we are embarking on a series called “The Heart of the Matter.”  The heart of our faith is the unfailing and unconditional love of God that is always with us, and that connects us to God, to each other, and to the world.

In the account of the resurrection in the Gospel of Matthew, after the stone is rolled away from the tomb, the angel sits on the stone and gives the women this message, “Don’t be afraid.” Throughout the Season of Easter, we invite you to use a “worry stone,” which we are also calling a “heart stone,” which is a stone you carry about with you to rub when you are feeling anxious or worried. We encourage you to find a stone and paint or draw a heart on it, to remind you of this angel’s message which Jesus then repeats, “Do not be afraid,” and to remind you that love is at the heart of our faith. 

So look around your house – for a stone that is heart-shaped, or a stone that you can paint a heart on.  Keep this heart stone with you, and bring it with you to worship, as a reminder of God’s great love for you. 

May 31, 2020

Download Resources: Bulletin

Children’s Resources: 7+ years3-6 yearsPinwheel Craft

May 24, 2020

Download Resources: Bulletin

Children’s Resources: 7+ years3-6 years

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Sunday Weekly Worship

  • BULLETIN:  A bulletin for the service will be here for those who wish to download it and follow along.
  • MUSIC:  We won’t have any congregational singing, but we will still have music to enrich our worship.
  • CHILDREN’S TIME:  We WILL have a Time for Children each week, so be sure to have your kids join you for worship!
  • CHILDREN’S ACTIVITY PAGES:  At the bottom of this page you will find the children’s activities that go with this service so you can download them for your kids.
  • ENGAGEMENT:  We will have opportunities to pray together, and to engage in responsive readings and calls to worship.  For those times, we do encourage you to speak and pray with us.  The words will be on the screen.
  • PRAYERS:  For our prayer time, one way we can keep connected is to share our prayer requests.  So email your prayer requests to PRAY@FPCLINCOLN.ORG OR text Pray to 402-235-9510.  We will lift up those prayer requests during the week, and in next Sunday’s worship time.  If you would like to be part of our prayer chain, and thus share in lifting up these prayer requests during the week, please email Carrie at and ask to be added to the prayer chain.  All prayer requests lifted up in worship will use only the person’s first name and a general description of the prayer request, to preserve a level of privacy in a public setting.