Our 10th Annual Fellowship Trip is coming up…May 19-21, 2017

Over the past nine years of Spring Fellowship Trips, we’ve always enjoyed our travels through the Nebraska Sandhills. So, for our 10th Anniversary Spring Fellowship Trip, why not have another amazing adventure in the Sandhills! This trip will include a return to the location of our first Spring Fellowship Trip in Halsey, that only a few of our current “Trippers” experienced. Walt Schacht, Carol Ott Schacht, and Nate and Julie Van Meter will lead this guided tour on resource use in the south-central Sandhills and will include stops at an outlaw’s remote hideout, horse and cattle ranches, picturesque, isolated Sandhills lakes, the Bessey National Forest, a cedar-log cabin on a ranch pond, and the Thedord Art Gallery. We will also climb a fire tower, visit with land owners about development and conservation issues, learn to identify native plants, and consider a float trip down the Middle Loup River. As always, the focus of our trip will be fellowship and fun. We will stay in cabins at the 4-H Camp in the Bessey National Forest near Halsey, which is about 60 miles northwest of Broken Bow on scenic Highway 2. The Halsey area is known for the Bessey National Forest, cattle ranching, its “cowboy” culture, and some of the most picturesque scenery in Nebraska, especially if you like rivers (North Loup, Middle Loup, and Dismal Rivers), grassland landscapes with prominent dunes and wet meadows, and ranch headquarters. Late spring is the ideal time to visit the Sandhills because of warm days and cool nights, relatively few bugs, green hills and meadows, and active ranch schedules (including calving, branding, and moving cattle to summer pastures). We will leave around noon on Friday, May 19 and return by early evening on Sunday, May 21. Please complete the registration form and return it to the Church Office by May 1 if you would like to be part of this adventure. The trip is limited to 50 people.