Are you tired of all the fighting and arguing? 

Are you tired of one side bashing the other?  

Are you afraid to bring up divisive issues?

No – we’re not just talking politics!  It happens in marriages, in friendships, at work, even in churches.  How do we navigate conflict faithfully?  How do we discuss issues without making the “other” the enemy, without seeking to win at all costs, and yet still able to ask meaningful questions of each other?  October 27, 2020, we hosted a Zoom conversation on changing conversations and navigating conflict faithfully, with:

  • Sue Coller, progressive follower of Jesus and pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Lincoln,
  • Andrew Loudon, conservative follower of Jesus, attorney, and pastor’s kid,
  • Bill Michener, expert on restorative justice and how our words can impact other people.

Ready to take the next step?  Join us for a four week class on learning techniques for having healthy conversations.

Stay tuned for more info.