At First Presbyterian Church we are part of the connectional system of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). That means we are part of a larger family of faith, worshipping and serving all over the United States and around the world.

We are governed by a Session, with “Ruling Elders” elected by the congregation to lead. The term “ruling elder” is a unique one in the Presbyterian Church. “Ruling” does not mean judging, but measuring the faithfulness of the congregation and its ministry. The Elders on Session lead the church in faithfully living out it’s calling to be the Body of Christ in the world.

Session meets on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Our meetings are open for any member to observe.

Clerk of Session: Terri Sherman

Class of 2019
LeAnn Hammar, Nancy Field, Jennifer Koolen, Nate Van Meter, Dianne Frydendall-Smith, Gary Hughes, Barbara Nieveen, Kelly Peate, Katie Pinch, Phil Waldron

Class of 2020
Lou Ann Miller, Lisa Jasa, Willa Smith, carla Spale, Wiyual Thach, Tyler Knoche

Class of 2021
Linda Brodzik, Nate Van Meter, Nancy Field, Rick Houch, Janna Loehr, LeAnn Hammar, Jennifer Koolen


Member Nurture & Evangelism
We care for the members of the congregation through the joys and sorrows of life, as well
as overseeing specialized caring ministries such as Stephens Ministry and Commissioned
Deacons. Just as important is to provide for the growth of members as they share in
fellowship, building friendships and relationships with one another as we care for each
other and work together, equipping them to share and live out their faith in the world, and
assimilating new members into the fellowship and mission of the church.

Commissioned Deacons
We provide one-on- one visitation ministry with members who are homebound, who have limited mobility or who have special needs. If you have an interest in being a commissioned deacon, contact the church.

Stephens Ministry 
We are a confidential, caring lay ministry, matching Stephen Ministers one-on- one with a those needing short or long term support. Stephen Ministers receive 50 hours of training, and ongoing supervision twice a month with continuing education. Contact the church if you, or someone you know, might benefit from a Stephen Minister.

Christian Education
Our mission is to glorify God through Christian education, fostering Christian faith and commitment, nurturing spiritual growth, and developing servant-leaders. We provide diverse, biblically based programs and learning opportunities for people of all ages, from the very youngest to the oldest, including education classes, dynamic youth groups, and fun fellowship opportunities for all ages. We seek to develop individuals’ spiritual gifts, to grow the faith of our church community through the Holy Spirit, to nurture knowledge in Jesus Christ, and to serve God.

Marketing & Media
We are responsible for sharing First Church’s message through print, radio, television, and the internet – allowing those within our church and our community to know who we are, what we are about and how they might get involved. TV and Radio Crew – Teams of four individuals provide assistance with audio and visual responsibilities during the 10/11:00 a.m. worship services and at other church services.

Mission Outreach & Social Justice 
We plan activities to help the congregation know and do the will of God in our community, nationally, and internationally. Work of this committee encompasses supporting medical missions overseas, a backpack ministry with McPhee Elementary School right across the street, helping the congregation to understand the plight of marginalized and oppressed people of the world, and serving the neighborhood in which we live.

Music & Fine Arts 
We work with the pastor and music director to provide a comprehensive program of music and other fine arts that enhances the worship of the congregation, nurtures persons through involvement in the ministry of fine arts, and reaches into the greater Lincoln community through this program of excellence. A major emphasis of ours is the Arts for the Soul Concert Series, which brings in exceptional musicians, many of which also join us in outreach at local schools.

We are responsible for the oversight and nurture of staff, working with the Session and committees to assure that we have the staff to support the vast and diverse ministry of the church.

We oversee and maintain the church property, process requests for outside groups to use space, and recommend to session major projects so that our building will continue to be a safe, effective ministry tool in the future. We also oversee the Lawn Crew, a group of volunteers who maintain the lawn and landscape of the church.

Stewardship & Finance
We oversee the financial life of the congregation, monitoring good and transparent financial practices, developing policies, and encouraging the congregation in their giving, teaching our members a joyous response to God’s grace in Jesus Christ is gratitude and the joyous giving of our time, talents and monies to further work of the church.

Worship & Sacrament
We provide for the worship of the people of God by designing, enhancing, implementing and evaluating the regular and special worship services that support the spiritual journey of our members and visitors of all ages as we worship in the Reformed tradition.


Congregational Nominating
We educate the congregation on the gifts needed to fulfill the duties of an Elder and Commissioned Deacon. Through prayer and discussion, we bring to the congregation those members whom we feel God is calling to serve the church in the ordained roles of ruling elder and commissioned deacon. We also assist committees in recruiting members of the congregation to serve where they will be able to best use their talents and time.

Homestead Presbytery
First Presbyterian Church is a member of Homestead Presbytery. We elect representatives to act as commissioners to the Homestead Presbytery and as a communication conduit between First Church and Homestead Presbytery. Members of the church also serve on committees of the Presbytery.

First Presbyterian Church Foundation
The Foundation was created (a) to aid the First Presbyterian church of Lincoln, Nebraska by the solicitation of gifts of real and personal property; and (b) to accept, hold and administer gifts of real and personal property for the use and benefit of the First Presbyterian Church of Lincoln, Nebraska. All the members of the congregation of First Presbyterian Church are members of the Foundation. The Foundation is administered by a Board elected by the members of the Foundation for three year terms.

Class of 2018 Foundation
Shirley Bair, Annette Brown, Phil Waldron, Susie Wilson, Nate Van Meter

Class of 2019 Foundation
Shirley Bair, Alex Currie, Jeff Koolen, Julie Van Meter

Class of 2020 Foundation
Louise McCormally, Dan Neumeister, Aaron Rouse